Clinics We Offer

We run a range of clinics at all our sites. Times and days may vary but you will be advised by your GP, nurse or Patient Services Advisor when they are held. To make an appointment click HERE

Letters or texts will be sent out to remind patients when they need to attend regular reviews. Annual recalls for long-term conditions will usually be on your birth month.

a person having their blood pressure taken


Holsworthy Medical Centre provides a Minor Injury service, during surgery opening hours, led by our nursing team.

Outside normal hours, the nearest Minor Injury Unit for all our patients is at Stratton Hospital. Situated next door to Stratton Medical Centre, the MIU is only accessible by using  NHS 111 online or by calling 111. It is not a walk-in service any longer. If injuries have occurred more than 48 hours earlier, patients should be seen by their own GP.

There is also a Minor Injuries Unit at Okehampton Medical Centre. This is open Monday - Friday 8.15am - 6.00pm - please call 01837 52233 to be advised. For weekend minor injuries services please call NHS 111 or go to NHS online using the link above.

In case of life-threatening emergency always call 999.


If one of our clinicians have asked you to have your blood taken, or you need a blood test for a review appointment, our Phlebotomists and Health Care Assistants hold clinics all day throughout the week, Monday to Thursday and on Friday mornings. 


We are often asked by secondary care (usually in Hospitals) to undertake blood tests on behalf of consultants, outpatient departments and wards. This is something we are happy to do as it is easier for our patients and reduces unnecessary travel.

However, we are only able to undertake these bloods tests under certain conditions, which are in the Community Phlebotomy Local Enhanced Service, agreed between local acute Trusts and, therefore, essential.

There are 2 things that must be in place before we can take your blood for other care providers.

  1. Each patient must be responsible for making the blood test appointment requested by secondary care. We cannot do this on your behalf.
  2. Each patient must come to the appointment with the appropriate 'form' or printed labels provided by secondary care. This ensures the correct tests are done and ensures the results go back to the right place – the person who has requested it. This is important for on-going patient care and to remove any delay in follow-up. 

If you need to request a form or labels, the RDUH Community Phlebotomy Service can be contacted on 01395 519922.




Asthma sufferers can attend this clinic for advice and support from our Respiratory Nurses who specialise in asthma care.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

Led by our Respiratory Nurses, this clinic provides advice, support and health monitoring for patients diagnosed with a respiratory disease. 


Led by our HCAs and Diabetic Nurses, this clinic offers advice and general health check-ups to patients diagnosed with diabetes.

For self help information regarding diabetes please follow the link: DIABETES CARE

Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) & Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

Patients with CHD or CKD can attend clinics for advice, support and health monitoring from our Healthcare Assistants. 


Patients who have been identified as having problems with their blood pressure will be reviewed by our Healthcare Assistants. You may be asked to bring in blood pressure readings ahead of an appointment.


This clinic is run by our Healthcare Assistants, who in liaison with the district nursing team and GPs provide support and health monitoring for those patients who have suffered a stroke.


To ensure continued patient care whilst monitoring long-term conditions we will invite you in for your regular reviews in the following way:

  • We will be texting patients to invite them to their annual review.
  • We will be using accuRx for Asthma Reviews, and this will be rolled out to COPD & Diabetic reviews.
  • We will ask for home BP reading and other measurements from home (eg pulse oxygen level, temp) where/if possible.
  • We will be using video consultations (using a smart phone) as well as telephone appointments for patients, reducing the need for patients to attend the practice, unless it is required.
  • Patients will need a blood test for their annual review. Depending on the results, they will be invited in for either an appointment at the practice or have a further appointment over the telephone to discuss results and plan further care.

Please ensure your telephone number is up-to-date. You can change this directly using SystmOnline or NHSApp, or alternatively by sending in a note to your surgery if your number has changed. It is VERY important to keep this information up-to-date.


We host clinics throughout the year run by the AAA screening service. This is for men 65 and over.  If you have not been contacted and would like to be screened please call 01823 344567 for the booking hub. For more information on AAA screening press the link: Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm









Childhood Immunisation

Babies are invited to attend clinics to receive their childhood immunisations when these fall due. Please bring your child's red book with you when you attend. Download a personalised vaccination calendar, which highlights the dates your child needs to have their vaccinations by.

Download from:

For general guidance about the immunisation programme please click HERE

For information about the MMR vaccinations please click HERE



If you are taking the contraceptive pill, you will be invited in for a pill check at least once a year, sometimes twice a year, and more frequently if you have recently changed your pill. This will be a face-to-face appointment with a Practice Nurse to take your blood pressure, check your weight and talk through any concerns you may have. Our Practice Nurse will then arrange for a prescription to to authorised. Our nurses do not provide the supply of pills, but ask one of the clinicians to do that on your behalf, having checked all the necessary medical safeties. Please factor this in when needing to have an additional supply. Ideally, book in a pill check when you start your last packet.

For more information about the contraceptive pill click HERE



Dedicated appointments are available throughout the week at all sites and in clinics run by our teams of very experienced nurses. Please await a letter from the screening service before you ring to book.

For more information about cervical screening click HERE

For a handy, downloadable leaflet click HERE


healthy lifestyle


General dietary advice by experienced and qualified Health Care Assistants (HCAs) and nurses is available. Speak to the practice nurses for more information.

If you have a Long Term Condition you can also speak to our PCN Health & Wellbeing Coach. Contact your normal surgery for details and to book an appointment.


If you need a dressing to be changed, you will be booked in with a Practice Nurse. Appointments are usually 20 minutes long, but may be longer if required.


Our nursing team are able to check your ears for wax, or irritation but are no longer able to offer ear syringing or microsuction. If necessary, you may be asked to make a further booking with one of the On The Day Team or a GP.                       


NHS Health Checks can be booked in with one of our Healthcare Assistants. The appointments usually last up to 20 minutes and are for anyone aged 40 to 75.

For more information click NHS HEALTH CHECK

PLEASE NOTE: there is a hold on NHS Health checks for anyone registered practices in Cornwall. Sadly we are, therefore, unable to offer them to our Stratton patients until June 2024, when the situation will be reassessed.


Our Healthcare Assistants run regular INR* clinics for anticoagulation therapy. You will be advised when to rebook after each appointment and given your dosing either immediately or after a clinician has advised.


Although we host diabetic retinopathy clinics at our surgeries from time to time, we do not arrange the appointment bookings. If you have a query about a diabetic retinopathy appointment and/or wish to rebook or cancel one, please call the Diabetic Eye Screening Service on 01392 403864 or 01392 403820.



Our Healthcare Assistants are able to provide smoking cessation advice to patients. They can arrange with a GP to provide nicotine replacement therapy medications at a later date, if these are required or appropriate.  


If you need to have stitches or clips removed after surgery or injury, please book in with one of our Practice Nurses as soon as you have been advised of the timescale. If you are having clips removed, please bring the removal gadget with you for the appointment. Appointment duration depends on the number of stitches/clips needing removal and their complexity. 



If you are asked to monitor your blood pressure over a particular period and you do not have a BP monitor at home, we are able to loan these out to you for up to 8 days with a refundable cash deposit of £20. The healthcare team will advise you how to do this.

If you wish to purchase a BP monitor, please speak to your local community pharmacy.


Our patients have access to a wide variety of additional healthcare practitioners employed by our Primary Care Network. They run clinics at all five practices in the network, including the RCMG practices. These are new roles and may be offered to you as a more appropriate service for your area of need, instaed of a nurse or GP. The new services and staff roles support people in a variety of ways all outlined below.


We have access to a team of First Contact Physiotherapists, based at all the network practices. This is for urgent and acute muskuloskeletal problems, for assessment and diagnosis, and not for routine treatment.

To see what the team can do, please see their leaflet by clicking HERE



Our higly experienced mental health practitioners are trained to assess and support people with mental health problems – anxiety and depression, for example – and involve patients in the self-management of their recovery. After an initial consultation, patients may be contacted for follow-up by one of the Mental Health Support Workers. To find out more about this service click MHP LEAFLET



Health and wellbeing coaches use health coaching skills to support people over 6 sessions, to develop the knowledge skill and confidence to become active participants in their care to achieve their health goals – this may include changing lifestyle choices, confidence-building or long term condition management. They will work with patients to find out what matters to and motivates them into achieving their own goals.

To find out more about this service click H&W LEAFLET


Our social prescribers give people time to focus on what matters to them, helping them to identify goals and connect with community groups or agencies for practical and emotional support, or connection., They offer a holistic approach to wellbeing, with a social dynamic being at the heart of their support. 

For more information about the team and community and self-help agency support available to our patients click HERE



Our Clinical Pharmacists clinically assesses and treats patients using expert knowledge of medicines for specific conditions. They take responsibility for patients with chronic diseases (diabetes, heart disease, COPD etc.) and undertake medication reviews to manage people with complex medication use, especially for elderly patients, people in care homes and those with multiple health conditions.


Our pharmacy technicians complement the work of the Clinical Pharmacists, applying their acquired pharmaceutical knowledge in tasks such as audit, discharge management, prescription issue, and keeping patients informed about medication issues as directed.


Our Visiting Team, comprising Paramedics, Emergency Care Practitioners, Advanced Nurse Practitioners and Health Care Assistants, offer urgent telephone triage or care support to people unable to get into our practices, as well as helping the health management of people in care homes. They support the work of existing Visiting Teams within the five surgeries, with our paramedics also being able to offer support at base, by seeing people with minor ailments and injuries.



Our Frailty Care Coordinator provides holistic (whole-person) support to patients with mild to severe frailty within our practice communities, working with patients to create a patient-centred care plan and access to appropriate support services within the local area.


Our Cancer Care Coordinator helps patients navigate their cancer journey from diagnosis onwards, helping patients access support as needed. 

For information about the service, please go to the PCN website Cancer Care page HERE

For a Contact List of the main local and national cancer support services click HERE


Our Diabetes Care Coordinator is part of a multidisciplinary team, supporting people with a diabetes diagnosis or helping them with steps towards diabetes prevention.

We offer one-to-one clinics for patients with raised blood glucose levels to help them manage their condition, improve glucose control, choose healthier foods and build the new habits that create a healthier, happier lifestyle.

For more information about Diabetes and Diabetes prevention go to the PCN website HERE

or download the service leaflet HERE