Online Consultation

AccuRx-Online Consultation



Please click on the surgery you are registered with below to start your online consultation. (You will need to be FULLY registered to do this. Doing a pre-registration form on-line is not FULL registration. Please contact us to ensure your registration is complete.)

Your consultation will be with a member of one of our clinical teams with a response no later than the end of the second working day. This will be delayed when there are Bank Holiday closures. 

This service is not suitable for emergency conditions. If you suffer from one of the below conditions, please do not use an Online Consultation. Dial 999. 


Heavy Bleeding Chest Pain Collapse & unconsciousness Extensive/major burns Sudden facial or limb weakness Fitting
Spinal injury Unwell floppy infant Severe allergic reaction Poisoning/ overdose Headache with loss of consciousness  


This service is suitable for non-emergency conditions, referall queries and miscellaneous administrative queries. To find out more about what happens when you do an online consultation using AccuRx on-line click HERE